Topic Progress:

What it is | Your day is going fine till you get that phone call from the doctor’s office. Or a loved one sits you down to deliver devastating news. Perhaps world events cause the markets to go into free fall and you watch your investments disappear before your eyes. Whatever the cause of your stress, it is sudden and unexpected. And it is potent.

Potent stress has a capacity to change how you view everything in life. Like a firehose turned on and blasted right at you, it can take your feet out from under you and turn your life upside down. The landscape of your future is changed, perhaps even permanently altered.

How to manage it | While potent stress can be deeply painful and life changing, it is actually the simplest type to manage. Why? When you are experiencing potent stress, others recognize it. The empathy, support and prayers of those in your community often help lessen the burden.

Answer the questions below and share insights with your spouse or a trusted friend.

  • What have been some sources of potent stress in your life?
  • How long did it take for life to normalize, or for you to find a new normal?
  • What helped you overcome the stress? What hindered the process of healing?
  • As someone in vocational ministry, it is likely that you often deal with people experiencing potent stress. What strategies have you found particularly helpful in helping others deal with potent stress?