Topic Progress:

As you reflect on this verse, substitute the word faith with the word trust and see if this word change helps sharpen the importance of what this verse is saying.
Here’s the big question! What does Scripture declare is the basis for pleasing God?
Without faith [trust in Him], it is impossible to please God!
11:6a NASB
When they think about faith or trust in God, many people think in terms of the faith that results in their salvation experience…and they let it go at that. Salvation faith is important to God, but a life characterized by deep moment-by-moment trust in Him is what He really desires—it’s what pleases Him.
Evaluation: How I Please God
Pause for a moment of reflection and ask yourself these two questions:
Is the way I try and please God with my life based on the breadth and depth of my moment-by-moment trust in Him?
Do I use criteria other than trusting Him to try and please Him?
The questions in the How I Please God evaluation may be challenging. It will be helpful if you make it a practice to continue reflecting on other criteria you might unwittingly be using to please God. The more you can articulate and define such alternative criteria in your life, the faster you can recover and return to a life characterized by faith.
So, to experience health and joy as a Christian, perhaps the most important question you must answer this…
Have I substituted trust with alternative criteria for pleasing God?