In this next story we want to share the story of our calling into the ministry. For some that story was an instant in time when we knew we were called into vocational ministry, for others it was a drawn out process of wrestling with God. Regardless of how you might feel about your calling now, let’s capture the story as you remember it happening.

We’ll follow the same structure for all our stories.

The flow has five steps we’ll follow and looks like this…

Prompt – we’ll suggest something to write about.

Free Write – you’ll free write anything that comes to mind. Don’t hold back anything, it’s completely for your eyes only.

Shape Your Story– In the next part you’ll craft a paragraph or two that tells your story in a way you’d want to share it with your coach or someone else in your life.

Reflect– You’ll then take a few moments to answer some questions about what just took place.

Action – Sometimes reflection on a story will prompt some kind of action, if so, you’ll want to capture that and do it!

Ready to get started? Let’s Go!


In this particular story we want you to focus on the experience of your calling into ministry. Think back to some of the events surrounding your calling into ministry. What age were you? What did you think about ministers prior to receiving your call? How did others react as you began to think about a life committed to serving Christ vocationally? Did you know what exactly you would do, or was your call in a general direction? Share as much detail as you can recall about your journey.

Free Write:

Free write, don’t worry about crafting beautiful sentences or any structure, just begin writing about the first things that come into your mind. In 5-10 minutes either stop, or keep going if words continue to flow.

When in doubt, just start writing.

Take 5-10 minutes free writing anything related to your calling (only you’ll see this).

How are you feeling right now? Take a moment to pause. Sometimes when we think back we can stir up feelings of sadness and remorse. That’s ok and perfectly normal. Most people who have this experience find it passes soon.

Shape Your Story:

It’s time to shape your story into something you can share with your coach.

Leaning into all you have just written, spend 5-7 minutes writing your story in a narrative form. Remember we want to hear as much as possible about your experience about your calling and how it changed the direction of your life.


Take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

  • How do you feel right now?
  • What, if anything, surprised you as you write your story?
  • How did you see God show up in your story?
  • Did you notice anything being difficult or challenging to write about?
  • How has your sense of calling changed, if at all from when you first received it?

Sometimes telling our stories makes us think of things we should do (like calling a loved one to tell them we love them or miss them).