A premium wellbeing program designed to help pastors get and remain healthy.

PastorWell is a wellbeing program designed to help Christian clergy get and remain healthy in order to flourish in their personal lives and ministry leadership. As an add on to other more traditional compensation benefits, PastorWell can help pastors out of a time of crisis, provide sabbath rest, and maintain health in six domains of wellbeing.

Benefits Include


Wisdom Consult

Member ministry leaders can submit leadership questions for which they are seeking godly wisdom and counsel. An advisory group of pastors, counselors, and coaches will provide a summary of best practice solutions to the issue or challenge confronting the ministry leader.


Counseling / Coaching

Members are eligible for up to eight subsidized counseling or coaching sessions provided by an approved FSN counselor or coach. FSN uses carefully screened counselors and coaches who are experienced in working with pastors and church staff.

Mindfulness Help

One of the keys to preventative wellbeing is remaining mindful of your current state.

MinistryPulse, our mindfulness app, can help you keep a pulse on your wellbeing state and help you obtain care when you need it.

"At Full Strength" Book

Each member during the first year of membership receives a PDF version of the book At Full Strength, Safely Navigating the Perils of Ministry written by Denny Howard, a Christian counselor and coach who specializes in caring for ministry leaders.

Monthly Newsletter

Enjoy our monthly PastorWell e-newsletter with helpful tips on surviving ministry stress, avoiding burnout, and Biblical ways to thrive in ministry. As an added benefit, PastorWell members are eligible and encouraged to invite 5 church lay leaders to subscribe to gain insight on how to care for their pastors.

Respite Referrals

As a member, we’ll assist you in locating and negotiating favorable terms for Sabbath or vacation stay at one of our partner respite properties that welcomes and wants to assist ministry staff in experiencing healthy renewal and recovery from the pressures and pace of ministry life.


Personality Assessments

Each member is eligible to receive a Livstyle, LLC assessment personality assessment. This is a valuable tool to help you understand how you work, lead, and relate to those around you.

Financial Coaching Referral

This benefit is for members who may be struggling with the effective management of household budgets and long-range retirement planning. Referrals to trained financial coaches are provided to help ministry staff become better money managers, with a corresponding reduction in stress and increase in household wellbeing.

Peer Huddle

Members may enroll to be included in peer groups consisting of 10-20 members who meet online monthly for one hour to share concerns, prayer requests, and provide mutual encouragement to each other. 

Two Convenient Pricing Options

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