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Studies show that mindfulness is the first step in avoiding burnout and remaining healthy. The FREE MinistryPulse™ app will help you remain healthy in just seconds a day. Click here to learn more.

PastorWell™ is an affordable annual membership program created exclusively for church pastors and ministry leaders. It provides nine essential member services that are proven to help church leaders thrive and flourish under the heavy pressures of church leadership. With the help of our generous donors and sponsors, PastorWell™ brings you thousands of dollars worth of services for a very affordable rate.

Can You Relate To This Pastor’s Story?

“For the past two months I haven’t been able to focus on my work; I feel like I’m just going through the motions.

“If I were honest with you, I’d tell you I’m just getting by and trying to stay ahead of what seems like the next most important thing in my email or on my to do list. I’m doing this not because I want to, but because I know I have to.

“I know deep down that people are counting on me and that’s my only motivation for doing anything right now—fear of letting people down.

“For some reason I’m not enjoying any of my work. I’m asking myself why I chose this profession. I’m not sleeping well, I feel 100-miles away from my family, and I’m impatient with my spouse and children.

“Sometimes in the morning as I try to have a better day than the day before, I find myself leaning on my desk, head-in-hands, weeping and asking God what’s wrong with me. ‘Oh God, what’s wrong with me?'”

If you can relate to this pastor’s story, you may be suffering or on the verge of suffering from burnout, but we’re here to help.

Give the Gift of Life to a Pastor


Full Strength Network operates thanks to generous donors. Your gift can help a pastor find life-giving wellbeing resources. Would you consider one of the following gifts?

  • $40 gift provides a personality assessment for a pastor or spouse
  • $60 gift provides a clergy couple personality assessment with deep relational insights
  • $80 gift provides one coaching or counseling session with an FSN network caregiver
  • $320 gift provides four coaching or counseling sessions
  • $640 gift provides a full 8-session engagement session with a network coach or counselor
  • $1500 gift provides approximately 50% of the cost of a weeklong intensive marriage retreat for a clergy couple

Yes! I’d believe in pastors and want to help…


After being blindsided and devastated by a forced termination at our church, the Full Strength Network pastor care team help us regain hope and discover God’s next steps for our lives.

Pastor Tim

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