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A wellbeing membership for pastors and church staff to live and lead at full strength

Register one or multiple people for your church or denomination.

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Full Strength Membership Services


  • 12 sessions for member (the person on church staff)
  • 12 sessions for member’s family (spouse and/or dependents between the ages of 13-17)

See Coaching & Counseling FAQs below for more information


  • Designed for ministry leaders and delivered to you for enhanced Spiritual, Relational, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Financial health
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  • Join a community of ministry leaders to:
    • Encourage one another
    • Grow in personal wellbeing and leadership capacity together
    • Learn from experts who have a pulse on relevant church issues

See Peer Huddle FAQs below for more information on structure and content delivery for Peer Huddle groups


  • Access to our financial partners, Thrivent Financial Money Canvas, Servant Solutions and Guardian Wealth Management for personal finance needs such as debt reduction, monthly budgeting, giving, saving, and wise financial stewardship


  • Plan your next getaway. Access an exclusive list of partners who provide welcoming accommodations at an affordable price for ministry leaders


  • A daily and weekly check-in that helps you monitor your wellbeing and discover insightful trends over time

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions about membership? Email us at

General Membership Questions

Who qualifies for a Full Strength membership?

Pastors and paid church staff (full time or part time) in the United States and parts of Canada.

How much is a Full Strength membership?

The current retail rate of Full Strength Membership is $499 per member. For groups who register all eligible pastors and paid ministry leaders, there is a discounted rate based on the size of your group. You can learn more about group pricing and the registration process by emailing us at

Does our group need to register everyone?

We require groups to register everyone eligible for membership as a proactive approach to well-being. For a church, this would include all paid full time and part time staff. For a denomination or a district/region within a denomination, this would include all senior/lead pastors or anyone considered as a member of clergy serving in a pastoral role. 

How do I register my group?

Click here to register your group (i.e. church staff or lead pastors of a denomination). If you have a large group, contact us at, and we can provide a more efficient method of registering a large number of pastors and church ministry leaders. 

How long does a Full Strength membership last?

12 months

Can Full Strength membership be renewed year after year?


Do you provide any utilization metrics for groups?

We do not provide any utilization metrics for groups for a few reasons. First, we comply with the strictest confidentiality standards to provide your group members with peace of mind about their privacy. Second, utilization metrics can be interpreted incorrectly as a direct correlation to a group’s overall health which can be deceiving and detrimental to the group you’re providing this service for. Last, Full Strength Membership gives your group the permission, privacy, and provision to make well-being a priority in their lives, leading to a proactive approach to health and wholeness. The value in providing this membership to your group should not be measured by how much certain people use a particular service. Instead, the value in providing this membership to your group should be considered in the transformative nature of proactive well-being for your collective organization.

What happens if a staff member leaves our organization in the middle of their active membership period?

They take their membership with them! This allows them to continue using the services for the duration of their membership, and also gives them the opportunity to renew their own membership if they were to find another employment opportunity at another church.

How are you able to provide so many great services at such an affordable price?

We are funded by generous donors who share in our belief that healthy church leaders lead healthy churches, and healthy churches change the world. They partner with us to help us to make these resources accessible, confidential, and affordable.

Can our church or denomination give to help fund Full Strength Network and make this accessible to more pastors and church staff?

Yes! You can visit our giving page or contact our VP of Donor Development, Mike Stetzel, at

Coaching & Counseling Questions

How do I request coaching/counseling?

Simply login to your Full Strength membership portal and request coaching or counseling.

What is the process like to get connected with a caregiver after I place a request?

Depending on the details of your request, our system may guide you through a simple process to get connected with an approved caregiver. You may also be connected to one of our Care Advocates who can walk you through a simple process to get connected to an approved caregiver.   

How long will it be before I begin sessions with a caregiver after I place my request?

The timeframe of starting sessions depends on several variables. You will hear from us very soon after placing your request. Depending on the details of your request, and how responsive you are to us, it shouldn’t take too long to get you placed with a caregiver. Actually getting on a caregiver’s schedule is all dependent on how full their schedule is at the time we connect you with them.

If I don’t use my 12 sessions, can they be transferred to my family?

No. The 12 sessions for you and the 12 sessions for your family are not interchangeable.

Can multiple people in my family utilize the 12 family sessions?

Yes. Your spouse could use some of the sessions, and a teenage child (age 13-17) living in your home could use some of the sessions.

Can I have a coach AND a counselor in the same year?

Yes. You can have multiple caregivers during the same membership period.

Do any unused sessions from a previous membership year accumulate into the next year of membership?

No. The maximum number of sessions you’ll have during a 12 month membership year is 12 for yourself and 12 for your family.

What if I run out of sessions, or my family runs out of sessions, but we don’t want to wait until our membership is renewed to receive continued care?

Once you use your 12 sessions, you are ineligible for Full Strength to cover additional sessions with your caregiver until your current membership term renewal date.

If you would like to continue sessions prior to your renewal date, please contact your caregiver to make self-payment arrangements between yourself and your caregiver.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

In a coaching relationship, you determine the topics you want to discuss and the goals you want to accomplish. A coach will help you navigate a challenge, set goals, and grow in your leadership capacity. Coaching may address specific personal projects, life balance, career successes or changes, ministry decisions or general condition’s in a ministry leader’s life or profession. A counseling relationship is more prescriptive in approach. A counselor will help you process through anything in your past which may be causing present challenges in your life. Counseling deals with the past to help you with the present. Coaching deals with the present to help you for the future.

Who are the caregivers (coaches and counselors) in Full Strength's network?

Full Strength Network counselors included fully licensed counselors; provisionally licensed counselors under supervision (supervisor might or might not be a Full Strength Network Approved Caregiver); completely unlicensed counselors; “Biblical,” “Pastoral,” or “Christian” counselors; unlicensed certified counselors; uncertified counselors; counselors licensed in a different state than that which they are practicing; retired counselors; biblical coaches with a counseling/clinically-informed background. All Full Strength Network caregivers operate from a Christian worldview and are required to affirm Full Strength Network’s Statement of Faith.

When you request care through Full Strength Network, rest assured our care advocate team will work with you to get you connected with the right caregiver with the right qualifications. 

What is the approval process for your caregivers?

All prospective caregivers must fill out a comprehensive application and agree to a background screening and reference check, or be approved by a trusted partner organization’s vetting process. In some cases, they may be required to complete an interview with either our Director of Counseling or Director of Coaching before a decision of acceptance is made.

If I’m already meeting with a coach or counselor who is not a part of Full Strength's caregiver network, can I invite them to be a part of Full Strength Network?

Yes! Feel free to direct them to our Caregiver Information Page where they can review all of the pertinent information and apply. Please be aware that it can take time for the entire process to be completed and a decision made.

Will you cover any sessions for a caregiver not in Full Strength's caregiver network prior to their approval?

No. We will not cover any sessions with any caregivers before they are approved into our network.

Peer Huddles Questions

How do I join a peer huddle?

Simply login to your Full Strength membership portal and request to join a peer huddle. One of our Peer Huddle facilitators will be in touch to get you placed in a huddle group.  

Do peer huddle sessions take away from my coaching/counseling sessions?

No. Peer huddle sessions are separate from individual coaching/counseling.

How many ministry leaders are in a peer huddle group?

Each huddle size varies, but often you will be in a group with approximately 6-12 ministry leaders. In addition, there will always be a Peer Huddle facilitator who leads the format and conversation, plus a guest presenter who has specific experience in whatever topic is being discussed for that particular session.

What is the time commitment for a peer huddle?

Peer huddle groups go for ten (10) consecutive months. You meet for one (1) hour each month.

Do I have to attend every Peer Huddle session?

It is not required that you attend every session, but we encourage you to make as many of the sessions as your schedule allows.

What is the format of Peer Huddles?

20-30 minutes is devoted to content presentation delivered by an expert on that particular topic. 30-40 minutes is devoted to Q/A, conversation led by the facilitator, encouragement and prayer for one another.

Are there certain expectations Peer Huddle groups set for each other?

Each peer huddle group is unique, and your peer huddle facilitator will help your group determine certain ground rules/expectations that the group members would like everyone to abide by. At a minimum, we encourage all peer huddle participants to commit to showing up, being present, contributing to conversation, and most importantly, keep all conversations confidential among fellow huddle participants.  

What content is presented and discussed in Peer Huddles?

There are many different topics that are relevant to pastors and ministry leaders centered around personal wellbeing and relevant church issues.

Examples include:

  • Developing Healthy Rhythms in Ministry
  • Rebuilding Serve Teams
  • Breaking Through Growth Barriers
  • Simplifying as Your Church Grows
  • Reaching Your Leadership Potential
  • Building a Leadership Pipeline
  • Nurturing Your Marriage
  • Conflict Management
  • Preaching & Disciple-Making in the 21st Century
  • And much more
What are the different segments of peer huddles?

Currently, you can choose a peer huddle based on gender (men only, women only and mixed gender). We are currently exploring other peer huddle possibilities as we grow and expand this program to meet the unique needs of ministry leaders.  

What Pastors Are Saying

See what Pastors are saying about the Full Strength Network Membership and how it is helping them thrive. 

I wanted to thank you for directing me to counseling. The women’s group was absolutely integral to my healing process, and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it. My husband and I are now a couples counselor, and I was able to have a few private sessions with her as well. She is simply excellent. Her counsel has helped my husband and I to heal, forgive, and communicate better than ever.

Pastor's Wife

Full Strength Network gave me confidence, courage, and hope to come out on the other side.
Scott Greene

Warsaw Community Church