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Wellbeing Content

Overview of Wellbeing Content

The Full Strength Network team is constantly searching for authoritative insights on issues that support pastoral thriving and flourishing. As a member you receive the benefit of these insights conveyed in various easy-to-process formats. Rather than learn through trial and error, we help you sit at the feet of leaders and experts who exemplify the art of living a flourishing Christian leader’s life.

These resources include a special focus on helping you maintain a rich and healthy family life. Far too many older or retired pastors look back with sorrow and regret that their families took second place as they served God’s people. To flourish as a leader, families must be the first members of your congregation that receive the best of your shepherding heart and attention. Your membership will help you understand and prioritize serving and loving your family as your top priority.

How Does It Work?

Once you become a Full Strength Network Member, you’ll be given access to a portal on this website where you can access all of the member services.

You’ll have access to the wellbeing content we produce on demand as part of your access to the membership website.