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Respite Referrals

Overview of Respite Referrals

Both God as creator of the universe and Jesus as the Son of Man “rested” from their work. Your Full Strength Network Membership provides you information and introductory access to retreat locations around the nation that welcome and want to serve pastors. We have partners that discount, and in some cases donate, space to pastors to get away and rest.

Your membership can be helpful to locate and plan a needed family vacation or schedule a short Sabbatical break when you just need some time alone for renewal and fellowship with your Heavenly Father. Scripture instructs us to engage in regular patterns of rest, and the research shows that the practice of Sabbath is an essential component for leaders to thrive and flourish consistently over time.

How Does It Work?

Once you become a Full Strength Network Member, you’ll be given access to a portal on this website where you can access all of the member services.

When you’re ready to request a respite referral, simply complete the form indicating your interest. We’ll contact you to learn more about your needs and work to get you connected with a respite location.