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Personality Assessment

Overview of Personality Assessments

Full Strength Network’s personality assessments provide a holistic and accurate picture of what motivates, challenges, inspires, and rewards you – while giving you the tools to understand and serve others more effectively. Each personality assessment contains nine distinct dimensions that display your results into visual, usable information. These personality profiles answer these questions:

  • What is your personality & how does your personality change under pressure?
  • How do you process information?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • How do you solve problems?
  • What is the “what and how” of your motivation?

Your Full Strength Network Membership includes two complimentary assessments. More information is available inside the Membership portal.


I found the personality profile both comprehensive and far reaching in describing the personality/ management styles of those tested, and was delighted with its accuracy AND usefulness. It’s easy for a novice to use, though expert psychologists also respect this very scientific instrument — which combines aspects of several well-known psychological tests, and which has been thoroughly validated statistically, a work that took some 20 years in the making! What a different, uncanny, humbling way to get the feedback that validates what God and “…a multitude of counselors” have been telling us about ourselves for a lifetime!”

Hernan S. Schmidt, M.D.