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Peer Huddles

Overview of Peer Huddles

Isolation and loneliness are a pastor’s most subtle and lethal enemies. Your Full Strength Network Membership enables you to join a cohort of other ministry leaders, male and female, who gather online for one hour each month. Each member makes a confidentiality pledge to the other members of the cohort.

Full Strength Network partners host these meetings and facilitate the discussion and intimate sharing of personal and leadership issues. These rich fellowship times are designed to encourage and keep you positive and upbeat amidst the demanding challenges and unique stresses of ministry leadership.

Over time, participation in a cohort becomes so meaningful, that cohort members actually make plans to meet and gather together for in-person fellowship and fun. Participating in a peer cohort can be one of the most important wellbeing investment you can make.

How Does It Work?

Once you become a Full Strength Network Member, you’ll be given access to a portal on this website where you can access all of the member services.

When you’re ready to join a peer huddle, simply complete the form requesting to be added to a huddle group. As the next huddle forms, we’ll get you connected.