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Welcome to the Full Strength Network Member Portal

Below are instructions for accessing all the member services.

Coaching & Counseling

Enjoy access to confidential coaching or counseling sessions from a professional who is approved in our network to work with pastors, church ministry leaders, or their family members.

Simply use the button below to complete our Request Help form to get started.

*Each member is eligible for up to 12 sessions per membership year for themselves, plus up to an additional 12 sessions for a qualified family member (spouse and/or children age 13-17). Sessions must be pre-approved by our care team by submitting the form, and sessions must be with an FSN Network Caregiver.

Proactive Mindfulness

One of the keys to preventative wellbeing is remaining mindful of your current state.

MinistryPulse, our mindfulness app, can help you keep a pulse on your wellbeing state and help you obtain care when you need it.

To download and access MinistryPulse, use the button below.

Wellbeing Content

Enjoy exclusive wellbeing content produced by Full Strength Network in conjunction with our partners and network of caregivers.

No need to sign up. As a member, you are already subscribed to our weekly content. 

You can also read recent articles on the Full Strength Network blog: Click here for access.

Financial Referral

If you’re struggling with the effective management of household budgets and long-range planning, you can request a referral to a financial guide. Referrals to trained financial guides are provided to help ministry staff become better money managers, with a corresponding reduction in stress and increase in household wellbeing.

To request a financial coaching referral, use the button below.

Respite Listings

As a member, you have access to our list of pre-approved respite locations.

These locations love hosting pastors, ministry leaders, and their families often at free or reduced rates. 

While we are glad to provide this list for you, members are responsible for their own booking, travel, and expenses.