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Growing Spiritually Through Serving

Serving is at the heart of pastoral ministry. It involves selflessly attending to the needs of others, sharing God’s love, and facilitating spiritual growth. But, serving isn’t limited to formal duties within the church; it should encompass every aspect of your life. 

The essence of serving lies in humbly embracing the example set by Jesus Christ, who washed the feet of His disciples and instructed them to do likewise.

If we’ve come to a place of burnout, we’ve missed the example Jesus set for us in serving. Serving is about following Jesus, not depleting our energy. We should be able to thrive spiritually as we serve God from a place of gratitude. Here are four ways we can grow spiritually through healthy serving:

  1. Cultivate a Servant’s Heart: A servant’s heart is marked by humility, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a difference. By consciously adopting a servant’s mindset, you will uncover opportunities to serve in every interaction, deepening your spiritual connection.
  2. Prioritize Authentic Relationships: Serving involves building authentic relationships with those you minister to. By genuinely caring for individuals and investing in their lives, you create space for spiritual growth, both for yourself and for those you serve.
  3. Embrace Vulnerability and Teachability: Recognize that serving is a two-way street. Embrace vulnerability, acknowledging that you don’t have all the answers. Allow others to minister to you as you minister to them. Cultivating a teachable spirit opens doors for personal growth and prevents the isolation that often leads to burnout.
  4. Seek God’s Presence: Serving becomes a spiritual practice when it is rooted in an ongoing relationship with God. Regularly engage in prayer, meditation, and the study of Scripture to deepen your connection with God. Draw from His strength and wisdom to sustain you in the demands of ministry.

If you have been serving and feeling more of the burnout than the presence of God, don’t miss next week’s blog where we dive into four ways to help prevent burnout. We should be able to serve in healthy capacities as we strive to honor the LORD in our ministry. 

Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting a servant’s heart. But allow the Holy Spirit to fill you in ways that invigorate your serving!