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Giving to Full Strength Network

When you give to Full Strength Network, your gift goes directly toward helping pastors monitor and improve their wellbeing.

We have multiple ways for you to give: 

General Fund Giving

Giving an undesignated gift to FSN allows us to use the funds where the need is greatest at that point in time.


You can give the gift of PastorWell, our comprehensive wellbeing membership program to a pastor who can’t afford it.

Click to learn more about PastorWell.


Our Mailing Address:
Full Strength Network
PO BOX 2201
Ft. Wayne, IN 46801-2201
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Give the Gift of Life to a Pastor

Full Strength Network operates thanks to generous donors. Your gift can help a pastor find life-giving wellbeing resources. Would you consider one of the following gifts?

  • $40 gift provides a personality assessment for a pastor or spouse
  • $60 gift provides a clergy couple personality assessment with deep relational insights
  • $80 gift provides one coaching or counseling session with an FSN network caregiver
  • $320 gift provides four coaching or counseling sessions
  • $640 gift provides a full 8-session engagement session with a network coach or counselor
  • $1500 gift provides approximately 50% of the cost of a weeklong intensive marriage retreat for a clergy couple

Yes! I’d believe in pastors and want to help…


After being blindsided and devastated by a forced termination at our church, the Full Strength Network pastor care team helped us regain hope and discover God’s next steps for our lives.

Pastor Tim