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Morality and the local church are under attack, but together, we can solve this by providing ministry leaders with the support they need.

The Hard Truth About Pastors


of Pastors feel they are inadequately trained to cope with the ministry demands.


of ministry leader spouses want their spouse to leave pastoral ministry.


of Pastors have contemplated quitting their calling in the last year.


almost half of all Pastors are in some form of crisis or burnout.

Pastors Need
Support From
People Like

The Benefits Of A
Strengthened Ministry Leader

Better Communities

Since Jesus’ time on earth, the local church has been a force in the community that brings value and provides direction.

A Faith Legacy

Healthy pastors and churches, provides a better path to seeing our faith successfully handed to the next generation.

Maximized Churches

Leaders show up refreshed, clear, and lead stronger teams and ministries that leads to more Kingdom influence.

What Full Strength
Is Doing To

The average church staff member makes less than $50k per year. You can make a difference by offseting the cost of the confidential and professional guidance they need.

Your gift allows FSN to create more courses, community, and strengthening content that is proven to help ministry leaders lead strong lives and strong ministries.

A healthy Pastor will be aware of 6 areas of wellbeing in life. We have created an app and resources to help them monitor and work on these areas.

“I am incredibly grateful for this gift to me. It came at a perfect time in my life!”

-Stephanie R, A Children’s Pastor

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