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Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Everyone has a story, and every story is important. We’d love to hear yours. We are motivated by hearing about how life change is happening and how you are becoming more healthy.

Click here to tell us how God has used FSN or some other method to help you grow in wellbeing.

We believe in the power of prayer! Our prayer partners support us and the pastors we minister to by committing to pray for them regularly.

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If you have a passion for serving ministry leaders, pastors, and their families and you offer any type of service or product that is beneficial to help strengthen and maintain the well-being of pastors and their family members, please email Denny Howard to receive an online application to apply for membership in the Full Strength Network.

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If you are concerned about a minister, their spouse, or their children encourage them to utilize the resources of Full Strength Ministries.


Give the Gift of Life to a Pastor

Full Strength Network operates thanks to generous donors. Your gift can help a pastor find life-giving wellbeing resources. Would you consider one of the following gifts?

  • $40 gift provides a personality assessment for a pastor or spouse
  • $60 gift provides a clergy couple personality assessment with deep relational insights
  • $80 gift provides one coaching or counseling session with an FSN network caregiver
  • $320 gift provides four coaching or counseling sessions
  • $640 gift provides a full 8-session engagement session with a network coach or counselor
  • $1500 gift provides approximately 50% of the cost of a weeklong intensive marriage retreat for a clergy couple

Yes! I’d believe in pastors and want to help…


After being blindsided and devastated by a forced termination at our church, the Full Strength Network pastor care team help us regain hope and discover God’s next steps for our lives.

Pastor Tim


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