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We Care About Pastors and Their Families

Congratulations on taking a step toward getting the help you need.

You can get started with StrengthCare™ in a few simple steps:


Download & Use MinistryPulse™

If you haven’t already, begin by downloading and using our app, MinistryPulse™, to monitor your wellbeing on a daily basis. You can get more info about MinistryPulse™ here.


Purchase a PastorWell™ Subscription

To access StrengthCare™, we require you to have a subscription to our PastorWell™ membership service. You can learn more about PastorWell™ here. If you do not have the resources to purchase a subscription, we have a limited number of scholarships available. You can get more info by scheduling a needs evaluation with our care team by calling (800) 537-2786, option 1.


Request Care

Log in to your PastorWell™ Portal and submit your request. You can request Counseling/Coaching help, a Wisdom Consult, a Financial Coaching Referral, to join a Peer Huddle, a Personality Assessment, a Respite Referral, and more.

Already a PastorWell member? Go here to log in.
Not sure if you’re a PastorWell member? Click here to email us to find out.

After your Strength Care™ experience is concluded, we may ask you to complete an After Care survey. This is vitally important to FSN as it helps us ensure that our network of partners is effective and helpful in the service they provide.