We Care About Pastors and Their Families

As helpful as our MinistryPulse™ and Strength Journeys™ may be to maintain health and wellbeing, from time to time ministry leaders need to receive confidential strengthening help from others to mend or regain balance in their lives. That’s the purpose of our FSN Strength Care™ program.

Through this website, you can communicate to us that you’d like our help to be connected to a coach, counselor, or other strength partner in our network. Financial assistance may be available based on need. We’ll discuss this you when we connect you to an FSN care specialist.

You can request assistance from us through the contact form below.
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After you submit your request, we’ll confirm that we received it and start a strictly confidential process of understanding the type of support that you feel is needed to regain your strength and health. One of our FSN care specialists will contact you for information to match your need with a strength partner in our network. We will provide clear and simple instructions on how you make a connection with our network partner. All network partners are bound by professional standards of confidentiality.

After your Strength Care™ experience is concluded, we’ll ask you to complete an After Care survey. This is vitally important to FSN as it helps us ensure that our network of partners is effective and helpful in the service they provide.