FAQ | Full Strength Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Full Strength Network protect information shared in confidence?
Yes, all Full Strength Network staff, partners, and processes have been designed to protect confidential communications. We have one goal in serving pastors and that’s to keep them, or return them, to operating at full strength in their vocational ministries. Achieving this goal is only possible in a high trust environment designed with security and strict confidentiality in mind.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes, Full Strength Network is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Who do you serve?
We serve Christian ministry leaders with shepherding responsibilities who affirm the Full Strength Network statement of faith. This includes full- or part-time and bi-vocational pastors.

Where do you serve?
Our primary focus at this time is North American pastors. Our online resources are available to Christian pastors anywhere in the world where Internet service is available. We are willing to provide online counseling support to missionary pastors outside North America, or meet with them when home on sabbatical or for deputation work.

Is Full Strength Network a crisis response ministry?
Our primary focus is on pastoral wellbeing. We desire to help keep pastors thriving and flourishing in ministry. We do support struggling pastors to help restore them to full strength and to help sustain them in ministry as a vocation if convinced their calling is of God. From time to time, we do encourage pastors to consider other vocations to serve God.

Do you provide financial assistance for pastors who cannot afford strengthening services from your network caregivers?
Yes, on a needs qualified basis. When strengthening or caregiving services are provided, we do expect pastors to pay a small portion for each engagement they receive from a Full Strength Network partner. It’s critical to FSN that no pastor foregoes strengthening care because of financial constraints.

Are Full Strength Network partners familiar with the issues and challenges faced by those in pastoral leadership?
Yes, all network partners are carefully screened by FSN staff and all partners have a demonstrated passion, with corresponding experience, to serve and help strengthen pastors.