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Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Full Strength Network nationwide of caregiving partners. Partnership benefits include:

Significance & Impact Serving Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Competitive Compensation

Hassle-Free Referrals

Direct & Efficient Billing

No Membership Fees

Simple to Apply

Work With a Trusted Referral Partner

Ready to Apply?

Applying to join is simple. You’ll need to set aside approximately 30 minutes and will need three references with their contact info handy.

You’ll be asked to agree to our statement of faith, provide your social security number for a background screening, and will be asked to sign a Fair Credit Act authorization.

Approval Process

1. Fill out an application.
2. Upon review of your application, you may be contacted for a brief, informal interview with the Full Strength Network Team.
3. You will be notified of your approval status into our network.
4. If approved, our accounting team will contact you to set up payment information.
5. You may begin receiving referrals from Full Strength Network.

Network Caregiver Referral Process

  1. A Full Strength Member (ministry leader working in a church) fills out a request for help.
  2. Full Strength Network’s care team performs a needs assessment with the member.
  3. The member is presented with up to three caregiver options to choose from.
  4. Once member selects the caregiver, Full Strength Network makes an introduction between member and caregiver. The member and caregiver work together to schedule sessions.
  5. Upon completion of sessions, caregiver invoices Full Strength Network for services performed. After all sessions have been completed, member has the opportunity to complete an aftercare survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Full Strength Network?

We are a national network of professionals who understand the importance of and care deeply about the wellbeing of Christian pastors, ministry leaders, and their families.

Click here to learn more about Full Strength Network.

Who does Full Strength Network Serve?

We serve Christian pastors, ministry leaders, and their families residing in North America who are members of our Full Strength Network Membership program.

Click here to learn more about Full Strength Network.


Is Full Strength Network a Crisis Hotline?


We are a wellbeing education and referral organization for pastors and ministry leaders. We help our members understand, serve, and lead from a healthy state of wellbeing.

We affiliate with experienced counselors and coaches referred to us by trusted sources.

How Does Payment to Network Caregivers Work?

You invoice Full Strength Network for services provided on a per session basis. It’s up to you how you keep track of sessions and to send a monthly invoice for completed sessions.

How many sessions does a member receive?

Each member receives a total of 12 sessions per individual member, plus an additional 12 sessions for individual member’s spouse or dependent (child age 13-17) in a membership year.

The number of sessions available to work with a given caregiver depends on how many used vs remaining sessions the member has available. If the member has not used any of their sessions, you would be able to invoice for 12 sessions.

What billable rate does Full Strength Network pay?

Full Strength Network will pay up to $100 per session.

How does a Full Strength Member get matched with a network caregiver?

Full Strength Network’s care team is trained to match a member to the appropriate caregiver(s) based on the member’s need. After completing a needs assessment, the care team will provide the member with up to three caregivers who can provide the appropriate services. The member will then choose who they want to meet with.

How many referrals can I expect to receive from Full Strength Network?

It depends on many different variables including location, specialties, members needs, etc. You may not receive many of referrals from Full Strength Network – especially at the beginning. Or, if the variables work out, you might get a good number of referrals.

You can always decline referrals if your schedule does not allow you to accept any more appointments.

Are there annual membership dues to be a caregiver in Full Strength Network?

No. It does not cost to be a part of Full Strength’s national network of caregivers. You never have to pay or reapply. Once you’re accepted and approved into our network, you’re eligible to receive referrals at any time!

Does Full Strength Network Background Screen Network Caregivers?

We want to maintain the highest quality of caregivers in our network. Therefore, we put every prospective caregiver through a proven process that ensures quality care.

You can learn more about our background screening requirements here.


Who do I contact if I have any additional questions about becoming a caregiver in Full Strength Network?

Reach out to Bryan Stine at