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Busy Is a Four-Letter Word

“Busy” is a four-letter word that should be profane. Our lives so easily become full of responsibilities and commitments that dogpile on top of us—and our souls get crushed under the load.

This post, on our ExPastors blog, takes a look at how busy-sickness can impact our lives and explores ways to practice solitude.

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By: Denny Howard
Denny Howard served as director of the Vitality Care Institute since 2001 providing a wide range of proactive and restorative coaching/counseling services for those who serve in people-influencing vocations, such as non-profit and ministry leaders. He is a state licensed clinician in mental health, a marriage/family therapist and a certified addictions counselor. He is an ordained minister and a graduate of George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Denny was the host of a daily radio commentary called ‘Life Strategies’ for eight years and currently appears as a guest on a number of radio talk shows. He is also a featured speaker and conducts regular seminars on personality-based conflict, stress management, maintaining personal vitality and a wide range of interpersonal relationship issues. Denny is also the creator of the Livstyle Visual Personality Assessments (www.Livstyle.com) designed for the workplace, ministry, marriage, and youth. Livstyle assessments are utilized for personal growth, team building and selecting prospective employees. Denny is the Director of Counseling and Coaching for Full Strength Network.