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Full Strength Network exists to help you monitor your wellbeing and connect to strengthening resources.

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Studies show that mindfulness is the first step in avoiding burnout and remaining healthy. The MinistryPulse™ app will help you remain healthy in just seconds a day.
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You've found a place where you can monitor your wellbeing and join a community of pastors who want to help walk alongside you on your journey to strength. Here you can find resources to...

  • Protect marriage
  • Grow spiritually
  • Improve relationships
  • Be financially wise
  • Overcome distractions
  • Lead for impact
...and much more!

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Resources Available from Full Strength Network

Full Strength Network offers a series of tools designed to help you join with thousands of other pastors around the world who are just like you who desire to lead healthy churches from a place of personal wellbeing.


MinistryPulse™ is Full Strength Network’s check-in and check-up assessment program. After completion of a baseline assessment, you receive periodic check-up questions through your FSN app that enables you to track your wellbeing progress through time. These mindfulness interventions keep you focused and on track with your wellbeing goals.

Strength Journeys™

Strength Journeys™ are in-depth studies in an important element of pastoral wellbeing developed by ministry professionals to help ministry professionals improve their focus on wellbeing. These journeys are provided online, can be done at your own pace, and may be completed with the aid of a coach, or through self-study.

Strength Care™

Strength Care™ is our program to connect you to outside caregivers with expertise in the six domains of wellbeing. When you or we (through your assessment responses) detect that you may be entering a danger zone in your leadership wellbeing journey, we help connect you to outside resources that can help you think through issues with the goal of returning you to a healthy and safe wellbeing posture.

Six Domains of Wellbeing

God created us as integrated relational beings so that our outward actions and relationships with others flow out from the core condition of our inner life. For pastors, it is paramount to maintain personal stewardship of oneself in order to sustain vibrant pastoral leadership for a lifetime. Who the pastor is will emerge in what the pastor does. The greatest foundation for sustained longevity in ministry is a strong internal core. A strong internal core will provide a firm platform for sustaining a lifetime of outward ministry toward others while helping to avoid the likelihood of vocational burnout, vulnerability to temptation, and deterioration of relationships. The following is a description of six clergy self-care domains that form the internal core of the pastor's life. In real life, these domains are fully integrated, but for purposes of explanation and planning, they are presented separately.